Our IMPACT Nonprofit Leadership Program, for Executive Directors, launched last fall, and we’ve been meeting with our cohort each month since. This program is designed to equip and empower leaders with the framework for leading their organizations to increase their impact in their communities.

In fact, our origin story shares more about our “Why” and the value of this program. Read more here! 

Our most recent session delved into the practical aspects of governance in the nonprofit sector. Wendy, our expert in this space, guided the group through the system of bylaws, policies, and people that underpin public accountability and transparency. She shared the five key things to look for in your organization’s bylaws, the seven policies you must have in place, and how to work in partnership with the board. This knowledge provides a practical framework for success, defining how staff and board can effectively collaborate to lead the organization.

Wendy also introduced and discussed the different types of boards and the framework requirements. The group talked about board structure, committees, and accountability. Executive Directors work as collaborative partners with the board, identifying individuals’ strengths and experiences and aligning them to the right role and function on the board. Managing the board cycle is a critical function of both ED and Board Chair, proactively evaluating roles and responsibilities, recruiting, and identifying diverse skill sets to drive the organization forward.

At the heart of our program is the belief that Executive Directors and Boards are partners on a mission built on a collaborative leadership model. Wendy and I facilitated a discussion where our cohort identified strengths and opportunities within their organizations to infuse this collaborative model. The result was a shared vision and direction, clear expectations and accountability, and defined roles and responsibilities for both leaders and board members.

Our cohort walked away with a better understanding of how to lead their organizations’ governance and build crucial strategic partnership with the board.

Our final session for our first cohort is in May, where we will present on Development, Branding, and Building Your Critical Networks as a Nonprofit leader.

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