What is the NPSK IMPACT Leadership Program?

This is a seven-month leadership program that encourages peer mentoring and experiential learning. Leaders must balance strategy with purpose, operations with culture, and governance with leading and collaborating with people.

Through our IMPACT Leadership Program, NPSK provides leadership development skill building, personal strengths discovery, community support, and insights that nonprofit leaders need to drive higher impact, sustainability, and resiliency in their organizations.

IMPACT will provide the tools and resources to accomplish your goals—leaders will walk away with practical resources and tools to build a solid foundation to lead and manage their organization.

Who should participate?

The program is for seasoned, new, emerging, and aspiring nonprofit leaders. You don’t have to be an executive director or even senior leadership to join. You just have to want to learn more about yourself and how to leverage your strengths into being a great nonprofit leader so your organization can be more successful and sustainable.

Why IMPACT? The program explained.

What topics will be covered at each session? 

Session One: What is Nonprofit Leadership?

Discuss the unique balancing act of nonprofit leadership, knowing the nuts and bolts and the heart and soul of leading effectively.

Session Two: Building a Business Plan

Learn to build a business plan, including where to start, who needs to be involved, and what you need to know about financial management. 

Session Three: Balancing Business and People 

Explore the crucial balance between managing the business and nurturing the people behind it while creating a connection to the company’s mission and values. 

Session Four: Defining and Developing Your Culture

Delve into the importance of managing and building a strong organizational culture. 

Session Five: Governance and Collaborative Leadership 

Understand the framework and structure of effective leadership within an organization.

Session Six: Building Your Network

Create your community network, which involves understanding the importance of branding, fundraising, marketing, and creating a solid business plan. 

Session Seven: Check In 

We want to know what’s going well, your obstacles, and how best we help you. Rest assured that we will continue to support you through our online network following the program. 

How do I register?

Go HERE and register on Nonprofit SideKick’s Mighty Network. After you register on the SideKick Network, you will receive an email from us welcoming you into the program. When you register, you will immediately become a network member and access all the resources.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@nonprofitsidekick.com.

~ Steph and Wendy