With a shared passion for social change, Wendy and Steph decided to build Nonprofit SideKick so that they can empower nonprofit leaders and positively impact their organizations and communities. They share more about NPSK’s origin story and why they decided to create a transformative program that redefines the meaning of “IMPACT” in the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Sidekick’s Origin Story

Steph partnered with Leadership Washington County (LWC) for eight years when she met Wendy. She had heard about her nonprofit work at the Bayer Center and her assistance with the LWC strategic plan. Steph was leveraging the CliftonStrengths assessment for leadership development within the program. Still, she wanted to identify other ways to support leaders to grow and develop outside of the program. As fate would have it, Wendy wanted to develop a program that brought all the good leadership development skills together with the unique aspects of nonprofit management. She approached Steph about building a workshop together that balanced her experience and expertise with Steph’s.

Instead of offering the workshop immediately, they decided to go into business together with a bigger vision in mind! For more than a year, they have cultivated their complementary strengths and experience to create holistic programs for nonprofit leaders. They’re so excited to launch their most comprehensive program yet. One that incorporates the power of collaboration, education, and leadership to bring about lasting change!

Wendy + Steph = IMPACT

The IMPACT Program is designed to help participants master the unique balancing act of nonprofit leadership. Leaders must balance strategy with purpose, money and mission, operations and culture, and good governance with leading in a collaborative structure.

IMPACT stands for: Intentional, Measurable, Purposeful, Actionable, Collaborative and Tailored.

Intentional: Sometimes, it can feel like we are at the mercy of the fire drills rather than commanding our schedule and focus. NPSK will help guide each leader to focus on the right things at the right time for the best outcome.

Measurable: Metrics and analytics tell the story of your organization. What are we measuring and why? How does it influence your donor and fundraising efforts? We will co-develop an action plan with each leader to define expectations and outcomes through their participation in the program.

Purposeful: Nonprofit leaders are responsible for building a strategy aligning with the mission and vision to serve the community. We will discuss and create a business plan that helps leadership set expectations, goals, and how to get there.

Actionable: Every session will end with a plan of action that answers the question: what can I try, implement, or plan for to drive my organization forward?

Collaborative: Nonprofit leadership can be lonely. We can feel as though we are making decisions and managing through alone. Our sessions are designed to build collaborative partnerships with your peers and create space to help everyone learn and grow.

Tailored: Each of us has a unique journey. Wendy and I will work with you to develop your goals and learning for the program utilizing the CliftonStrengths for Leaders assessment and coaching session to create your learning plan.

If you’re seeking a strategic way to learn and grow as a nonprofit leader, please register for our IMPACT Leadership Program, designed specifically for nonprofit leaders.