What is leadership? The definition of leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. We have leaders throughout our organizations in individual contributor and managerial roles. Organizations need both to thrive. Influential leaders are individuals who can persuade others by creating a compelling vision. They inspire, motivate, and encourage collaboration and energy toward achieving a goal. Our managerial leaders create the space for individuals and teams to do what they do best. They coach and guide, provide opportunities to learn and grow, advocate and support, and align resources and time for everyone to succeed. Both roles are critical to creating a culture of engagement, aligning the work to the organization’s mission.

Nonprofit SideKick! Provides coaching and training to support influential leaders and leaders of teams, blending the nuts & bolts of leadership and the heart & soul of truly connecting with others to grow as a leader. Learn to leverage your strengths to master the unique balancing act of nonprofit leadership with our Leadership Development programs.

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