We all need a little coaching. Think about it, we have had individuals throughout our lives that have provided us with a belief in our ability, pushed us to get comfortably uncomfortable for our growth, and provided the right level of support to get us to our goal. These coaches have been essential to our personal and professional development. I have been lucky enough to have both sports coaches and professional coaches help me multiple times throughout the years, and they have encouraged me to become a coach myself.

Hiring a coach can accelerate your career. There are many coaches, and finding the right fit for you is essential.

So, where do you start? Start with your goal in mind. Think about what skill or experience you want to achieve and how you will approach it. Finding a coach that has relevant experience and expertise and has the certifications and credibility to be your coach is imperative. There has to be trust in the partnership and process.

When is it time to hire a coach? Hiring a coach can happen anywhere in your personal or professional life. A coach can help prioritize your goals, break them down into manageable parts, and set milestones for success.

Unlock your leadership potential with us! Wendy and I provide a holistic approach to coaching, helping you balance your skills and development to perform various functions and work effectively with others. We’ll assist you with understanding your strengths, areas of growth, and existing leadership capabilities to realize the impact you can have on your organization. Our leadership coaching is highly personalized for individuals and teams.


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