Strengths Partnership

Let me ask you a question, do you have a person in your life that balances you out? They are able to help you see a broader view, a different perspective or fill in your blind spots?

At Nonprofit Sidekick! we encourage our community to use the CilftonStrengths® assessment to help them understand how they are wired and how others can provide complementary skill sets. Wendy and I are complementary partners, together we holistically consult and support organizations to align talent to the goals.

Wendy’s CliftonStrengths Superpowers

Wendy builds connections through understanding of shared vision and purpose. She takes the time to learn about leaders, their organization, and their vision. This allows her the opportunity to build customized operational effectiveness and efficiency, to allow leaders to focus on what matters. She encourages setting milestones to goals, creating a tangible plan from mission and vision.

Steph’s CliftonStrengths Superpowers 

Steph engages with individuals and teams to build shared vision and direction, empowering team members to align their passion and purpose to organizational goals. She takes the time to learn about the culture and leadership of the organization to develop the right structure for employee engagement and career growth. Steph understands that employees have to be connected to the “Why” and build a sense of purpose.

We will be building our CliftonStrengths community within Nonprofit SideKick! To create more super power partnerships with you!  We can help you learn more about your own Strengths and how to build powerful partnerships within and outside of your organization.