Learn the True Power of Shared Sisterhood in the NPSK Book Club

Wendy and I are excited to host our second book for Nonprofit SideKick’s NEW Book Club, Shared Sisterhood: How to Take Collective Action for Racial and Gender Equity at Work, by Tina Opie and Beth A. Livingston. Our first meet-up to discuss the first two chapters is Friday, March 10, 2023. 

Shared Sisterhood teaches us how to build a meaningful partnership to bring sustainable change for racial and gender equity in the workplace, a conversation and topic near and dear to my heart. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a leader and mentor that helped define my career path and provided me with tough love and support all along the way. 

She offered a new perspective on the work culture that I couldn’t see from my personal experiences and background. This remarkable woman also taught me the power of true sisterhood, a relationship where we truly see each other, talk through hard things, grow, and learn together. Through time, I’ve learned that we all need to create space for one another, be allies, have hard conversations, and lift one another to build gender and racial equity.

Shared Sisterhood creates the space and teaches us how to be great mentors around race and gender equity at work. 

Did you know that Pittsburgh has the highest concentration of nonprofits in the country? In our local community, strong, intelligent, and driven women are building organizations working toward more racial and gender equity. 

We have an opportunity to come together, learn from one another and advocate for change. I invite you all to join us for four discussions about Shared Sisterhood, lean into a much-needed conversation, and see how we can work together to improve race, ethnicity, and gender inequities.

Join us on Friday mornings starting on March 10th at 9 AM in the NPSK Community.

The NPSK Book Club is a free benefit for members of the NPSK Community. Sign up today or contact us if you have any questions: hello@nonprofisidekick.com