How many of us wished we had a clear plan earlier in our career to guide us to make the right steps for career advancement? 

I knew I needed help with direction and focus early in my career, but I didn’t know how to network or understand what was important and who would lift me up when I needed support. I learned through trial and error, which took far more time, effort, and a few career side trials before truly defining my passion and focus.

Look no further if you need support or guidance for your career advancement! Nonprofit Sidekick is partnering with Leadership Washington County and Lattitude to deliver a three-part masterclass series for emerging leaders looking to develop their network for career growth. We’ll provide the tools to grow within your organization and help build leadership skills.

The series will start with identifying how to create a career progression plan within your organization and define the milestones for success. Develop an awareness and focus for your career path and become proactive in your career development. 

Session two will build your essential network, we’ll identify the key people you need around you to help you grow and develop into a leader. Finally, session three will combine all the teachings into an action plan, working with your current organization to identify opportunities to learn and grow internally. 

Career development is something all of us should invest in! Our partnership with LWC and Lattitude brings together expertise in Washington County to guide you through developing your career progression plan and provide a network of support. Take the time to identify and build a plan that works for you. 

Join us for the first session on Thursday, April 6th, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM at the HQ at CNX.


LWC Emerge Masterclass Promotional image