It’s Women’s History Month, and we are celebrating with our Book Club all month! We chose “Shared Sisterhood” for March because it recognizes women’s history and the work we must continue to do to create allyship and partnership for all women.

In the first chapter of “Shared Sisterhood,” Dr. Opie and Dr. Livingston highlight an important woman we should all know and learn from her strength. Her name was Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and she was a journalist that led an anti-lynching crusade in the late 1890s. Ida served as the secretary of the National Afro-American Council, which led to a meeting of the Niagara Movement and the founding of the NAACP. She expanded her focus to the suffrage movement.

In Chapter One, we learn of Wells-Barnett’s focus on justice for African Americans’ right to vote and have equal rights. When she showed up to the suffragette movement to join white women in the fight to vote, she was met with resistance and little support.

She stood her ground, and when the March started, she refused to walk in the back where the black women were expected to march. Ida instead joined at the front. Two white women recognized her, locked arms with her, and went off, walking in solidarity for the same cause, united and together. Here we are over 100 years later, and we are still fighting the same fight – equality and equity for all women.

We want to honor those who have dedicated their lives to this cause, honoring women worldwide that are advancing efforts for inclusion. Our book club has started discussing “Shared Sisterhood” and Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

We are learning what we can do as individuals and as a collective to advance all women. Please join us for this continued conversation this Friday at 9 AM. All are welcome, and if you haven’t read the book, join us for the discussion and connection with others. Our book club is a FREE feature in the NPSK Community! Try it now for FREE – we’d love to have you.