Happy New Year!

We are at the beginning of an exciting new year, where we are spending time thinking about what we want to achieve. Wendy and I have been evaluating our goals for the year and deciding where we should focus our time and attention.

We had an amazing opportunity to participate in the Ignite Business Accelerator IE2 Entrepreneurship Program from October to December 2022. The program is designed to support new and potential entrepreneurs in developing comprehensive business plans and strategies. It is cohort based, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with eleven peers to evaluate, build and cultivate our business plan.

This process was uncomfortable for many of us. We started thinking that we needed to have all the answers. As we continued to meet and review each part of the business plan, we developed trust, respect, and openness to hear both positive and constructive feedback. I particularly enjoyed my peers’ view of what Wendy and I were doing and what we could do. For example, they talked about the power of video, providing quick hits that help support business operations or leadership. We will be creating our videos starting this month! As a result of participating in this program, we walked away knowing our strengths and where we need to grow and develop.

2023 will be about growth, overcoming discomfort, and taking calculated risks. We are excited to share that we are beginning our new book club, which will introduce a new book and conversation every month. We will discuss core leadership concepts and challenge one another to think about how to integrate them into your leadership and work. We will also introduce a NEW series of workshops to help board members with new roles, enhance our resources within our community for quick support, and provide more sessions about grant writing, networking, building a team culture, and more. 

What are you going to work on in 2023? How can we help you?

Let’s crush your goals in 2023: join our growing community of nonprofit leaders!